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DOMINIC (Short Film)

Casting lead roles for short film. Synopsis: DOMINIC is a dramatic short film that uncovers domestic violence.


Colin Osborn; Casting Director

TMCONAWAY; Executive Producer

Phone: 860.785.4360



Accepting Submissions Until: 12/29/2017


Rehersals will take by appointment December  29th and 30th



DOMINIC (Lead): Male, 20-30yrs;

Recent college graduate, new husband and assistant gym manager. Interested in starting his own gym but his insecurities and negative thinking from the women in his life hold him back. He’s Independent, self-motivator, hardworking but lacks confidence at times. Avoids responsibility when things get overwhelming but tries to do things to motivate himself everyday but due to his overthinking he keeps falling into the same traps. Great first time Dad to his 6 year old son.

Ethnicity: Black/Hispanic or Biracial

MOTHER: Female, 40-60yrs;

Mother of Dominic. Unemployed nurse of 10 years who collects money from the state and who abused prescription pills and alcohol her entire adult life, who believes she is was a victim her whole life. She puts herself first in every situation and is emotionally abusive, and a negative pessimist, who can’t hold a job due to her drinking and attitude.

Ethnicity: Any

Wife: Female, 20-30yrs;

Wife of Dominic. Elementary school teacher with a master’s degree who grew up across country after staying on the East coast after becoming recently married to Dominic who she met in college. She is very content, wants to be stable and longs for the dream home and family but due to different setbacks with men in her life she’s hoping she can find it (part of the reason moving across country). She’s a very positive person but is obviously shy and reserved person who likes to help whenever she can.

Ethnicity: Any

Girlfriend: Female, 18-25yrs;

Girlfriend of Dominic. A naïve, recent high school graduate who wants to do hair for a living. She is outgoing and everybody is her friend and loves her. She likes to party a little and have fun when she can. She works part-time at 2 different salons and never had a long term boyfriend. Her parents own their own business and they support her financially but she wants to start how own business.

Ethnicity: Any

Ex-girlfriend: Female, 20-35yrs;

Attractive, Self-proclaimed Instagram model who believes that men are merely tools to use when necessary, wants what she wants, when she wants it but is always talking about and looking for love. Always gossiping and posting her business on social media. Has a 6 year old son with Dominic.

Ethnicity: Any