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Do these 2 things to stand out at work!

People are hired to meet the obligations of their job requirements but employers are looking for employees who are going to do more and want more. If you are an employee wanting to stand out amongst your co-workers or if you’re an employer trying to help your employees identify ways they can add more value to the organization, here are 2 initiatives you can jump start right away.

Be Proactive

If you see something in your work place that needs corrected, always speak up about it.   Don’t be that person who walks past or scrolls past the problem for weeks without bringing it to the attention of the right people. Being proactive can be time consuming in the moment but will ultimately improve your organization and will allow you stand out. Standing out is not always about getting a raise, promotion or some formal recognition but rather demonstrates a level of leadership that others may not want to put the work in for. Strong leadership skills developed over time will benefit you both personally and professionally.   

Have Solutions

Some work related problems can be everyone’s problem, especially if you’re working in a small organization. Being proactive in helping your organization solve problems is the first step.  The second step is ensuring you have a solution or ideas that can lead to a solution. Being solutions driven provides a level of support that is effective and demonstrates a level of commitment in your role and deeper understanding of what it takes for an organization's to be successful long term. Solutions keep things moving by helping the individual or team responsible by being proactive in solving problems quickly and getting on to other important matters.