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Can You Be Trusted?

In any relationship, one of the most important factors is the ability to trust the other person. Trust or the lack of it can make or break any relationship. If you think about relationships that are most valuable to us, trusting that person plays a big role. People want to be able to trust their partners and kids want to know their parents can trust them to make the right decisions. When it comes to work, trust is still a major factor.  Managers want to be sure they can trust their employees and employees want to know they can trust their managers. When a manager feels they can trust their employees there is a level of autonomy given to employees than can engaged them in a way that makes them feel a part of the true culture of the business. Employees who know that their managers trust them,  employees work in a way that is more than checking the boxes but rather takes it a step further and go above and beyond in more ways than one. Managers who trust their employees also receives a level of freedom.   The demand and multiple responsiblities of a manager becomes less intense when they know they can trust their employees. So what is the meaning of trust for managers?

Managers Want To Trust That:

1. Employees know their job responsibilities and are willing to meet and or exceed expectations

2. Employees are invested in meeting goals/benchmarks and see the big picture

3. Employees are helping to create an environment that they are proud of enjoy working in

4. Employees see themselves as part of an organization and not just someone there for a pay check

5. Employees will continue to be open minded, proactive and willing to make hard decisions

So what is your definition of trust?  Lets us know in the comments below.