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4 Ways You Can Improve Work Culture

What culture are you helping to create? Some organizations spend a lot of time and money on developing their company cultures. Though we spend hours in seminars, workshops, meetings and signing off on company values and mission; there are 4 things you can do today to help improve your company’s culture.


Not everyone is a morning person but your co-workers don’t have to know it, especially your Boss. Smile and greet people on your walk in to work every day. Greeting people with a smile says a lot about you and can be contagious. Make your job the place people greet people, it can make someone’s day or yours.


We may have the best intentions but our tone and facial expressions may be saying something we are not intending to say. Not being mindful of your tone and facial expressions can leave your Boss and or co-workers confused about what you really mean and can lead to bigger problems in the future. Check your tone and face at the door if you want the people you work with to have a consistent message.


Information moves very quickly in the workplace. People start to create their own stories to fill in the gaps for information they don’t have. This can lead to work gossip and disgruntled co-workers. Asking for clarity helps get everyone on the same page and minimizes miscommunication and helps keep your work place gossip free.  


Good day or bad day, you always want to leave your job on a good note. Saying goodbye to someone can change the tempo for you and your co-workers and can also set the tone for the next day when you return to work. It’s not about going person to person but a simple goodbye to your immediate co-worker(s) is a good habit to start.